Siwei “Robert” Li

Github: RSLi
Phone: 509-994-5998 Download Resume


2016 - (Expected) 2020Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
B.S. in Computer Science (GPA: 3.88/4.0)


Summer 2019Google, San Francisco, CA
Software Engineering Intern, Tech Infrastructure Security and Privacy
Building a system that adds explainability to a machine learning anomaly detection model in order to generate intuitive alerts for abnormal enterprise Google Doc access.

Fall 2017 - PresentGeorgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate Research Assistant, School of Computational Science and Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Duen Horng (Polo) Chau
Member of the Polo Club of Data Science, where I innovate at the intersection of data science and human-computer interaction (HCI) to synthesize scalable, interactive, and interpretable tools that amplify human’s ability to understand and interact with big data.

Summer 2017Panasonic Automotive Systems, Peachtree City, GA
Software Engineering Intern
Developed an extensible analytics tool in Java/Electron/React/d3 that enables engineers to create automated sequences that generate various analysis reports; estimated to reduce 30% of testing time.

Spring 2017Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), School of Interactive Computing
Mentor: Prof. Mark Guzdial
Improved and extended Runestone Interactive - an open-source K-12 interactive ebook platform for teaching computer science used by 500+ institutions around the world.

Publications and Demos

KDD'19MLsploit: A Framework for Interactive Experimentation with Adversarial Machine Learning Research
Nilaksh Das, Siwei Li, Chanil Jeon, Jinho Jung, Shang-Tse Chen, Carter Yagemann, Evan Downing, Haekyu Park, Evan Yang, Li Chen, Michael Kounavis, Ravi Sahita, David Durham, Scott Buck, Polo Chau, Taesoo Kim and Wenke Lee
ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). Aug 4, 2019. Anchorage, Alaska USA.
Project Showcase. Oral presentation.

IDC'19Mixed Reality for Learning Programming
Joonyoung Kim, Sudeep Agarwal, Kristina Marotta, Siwei Li, Jonathan Leo, Duen Horng (Polo) Chau
18th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children, Jun. 2019.

KDD'18Shield: Fast, Practical Defense and Vaccination for Deep Learning using JPEG Compression
Nilaksh Das, Madhuri Shanbhogue, Shang-Tse Chen, Fred Hohman, Siwei Li, Li Chen, Michael E. Kounavis, Duen Horng Chau
ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). Aug 19, 2018. London, UK.
Track: Applied Data Science Audience Appreciation Award Runner Up

KDD'18Compression to the Rescue: Defending from Adversarial Attacks Across Modalities
Nilaksh Das, Madhuri Shanbhogue, Shang-Tse Chen, Fred Hohman, Siwei Li, Li Chen, Michael E. Kounavis, Duen Horng Chau
ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). Aug 19, 2018. London, UK.
Project Showcase

Selected Projects

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019Intel MLSploit, Adversarial Machine Learning Research Platform
Developed an extensible research platform for security and ML researchers to interactively construct transformation and evaluation pipelines. Demoed at Blackhat Asia'19.

Spring - Fall 2018NIH mHealth Visual Discovery Dashboard, Part of NIH's MD2K (Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge) Initiative
Developed an analytics dashboard for timeseries health data collected from mobile devices using Kotlin and React. Integrated into Cerebral Cortex Data Analytics Platform, a $11.8M project by NIH MD2K Center of Excellence.

Fall 2017 - PresentArgo Graph, Large-scale Graph Visualization Tool
Developing the next cross-platform interactive graph visualization tool capable of handling million-edge scale network data using WebGL, Node, and SQLite. Argo is used in CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics course, that teaches over 1000 students per year.

Selected Personal and Open Source Projects

Spring 2018NSF Smart Meter Data Portal: Searchable Github-based data-sharing platform for energy researchers

Fall 2017 - Fall 2018HackGT/SponsorshipPortal: Intelligent portal for hackathon sponsors to search resumes of participants

Spring 2017Beginners-Cordova-Tutorial: Website teaching Apache Cordova development to beginners, written in Sphinx

Spring 2017V-Plate: Voice-controlled food delivery robot built with RaspberryPi 3 with an Android client

On-campus Activities

Fall 2018 - PresentVIP Project: Health Informatics on FHIR, Atlanta, GA
Development Team Lead
Develop FHIR applications to improve Emergency Room and Triage efficiency. Currently working with Grady Memorial Hospital, the fifth-largest public hospital in the US, with one of the busiest ER in the country.

Spring 2017 - PresentHackGT Organizers Team, Atlanta, GA
Organizing Largest College Hackathon in the Southeast (1000+ Students)
Hold hackathons and workshops; make open source projects for event organizers; mentor beginners and high school students.

Selected Skills

LanguagesJava, Python, JavaScript (ES6+), Kotlin, Swift, C++, SQL, Bash, PHP, Go
WebReact, Redux, Node/Express, Electron, Django, Flask, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JQuery
MobileAndroid, Cordova, iOS/ARKit
Data ScienceMachine Learning (scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, numpy, pandas), Data Visualization (D3, matplotlib)
MiscellaneousInfrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant), Build Systems (Gradle, Webpack, Travis CI)